China Naview suspended metal ceiling systems manufacturer is founded in 2005, we produce normal & oversized metal ceilings for a lot of projects, customized color and ceiling types, our ceiling design team could provide some samples for your recommendation after the preparatory CAD received.

1.Clip In Ceiling
Aluminum Clip In Ceiling is a light and durable material, is widely used in home decoration ceiling, a variety of excellent characteristics, suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, so popular with terminal consumers, this is the origin of aluminum clip in ceiling.Years later, our ceiling industry forge ahead, not only the home decoration, also different areas like office, hallways, meeting room, etc.

2.Lay In Ceiling
Lay In Ceiling is made up of an aluminum alloy panel and a metal installation kit system that comes in a number of perforated and non-perforated designs. It improves the aesthetic value of a building's decorating while keeping costs low.

3.Linear Metal Ceiling
Aluminum linear metal ceilings can be used in both interior and exterior settings. It can also be used to produce a unique appearance by sandwiching it between pure color aluminium ceiling panels, as suggested by the architect and designer. Furthermore, for large and deep construction plans, an aluminum woodprint ceiling is an excellent option, and it is environmentally beneficial and 99% recyclable. Linear metal ceiling price would be different from different sizes.

4.Baffle Ceiling
Naview factory makes world-leading high standard aluminium baffle ceiling system in a variety of surface colors and finishes, as well as various textures, to achieve various baffle ceiling designs of particular building project effect. Click the pictures down below to see the ceiling detail, and we could disscuss about the price.

Please contact our team for more details about Aluminium Ceiling Price. Naview has a nice reputation for producing ceilings for metal building materials industries for years.
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